Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brilliant Idea?

I took over about 75 pictures of items from our home and around where we live, punched holes in them and put a ring through the whole lot...I hope to use them on the way home to famiarlize the girls with American words, and so that when they get here things will seem sort of familiar.
Danielle also spent and afternoon with me compiling a similar set that will help us communicate. It has things like a picture of our car, to signify that we will be leaving, or their backpacks, to signify that we are going to school. They look cool anyway...who knows if it will help!


Angela said...

Very cool idea! Did it help? Should I do it for our little ones?

Jenn said...

Same question. This seems like it would be helpful. In retrospect would you have included more or less pictures?