Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I can't tell you how thankful we are for all of your support and encouragement.

I was good at the beginning about getting back to all the emails that you have sent us...I am officially behind. The cool thing is that I have saved every one. The chronicle will be fun to show the girls as they get older. They will be able to see and understand the expectancy of all of you. I won't be able to respond much in the next few weeks, but please know that I cherish each email that you send. If you want specific info, I will, of course, respond to that!

Humbled and overwhelmed-

Thank you to all (Hillis Fams) who have sent me notes, bought us flowers, given us kid hangers...alot of them.

We have been the recipient of wonderful hand-me-downs from the Walle's and the Johnson's. I went through them in awe. There are clothes that will fit them now, until past size 14. We have clothes to start out each size that they grow into.

Susan and Jen took us out to Queen Sheba this weekend and treated us to an authentic Ethiopian meal. We had a wonderful time...the food was awesome.......I don't know how I (camera happy me) forgot to bring my camera. I did find a picture online from a family that went to ET and really...the food looked pretty much exactly like this.

If you notice that lining the plate is a bready thing. That is Injero. It is a traditional yeasty sour type bread that is eaten with the meal. Here is a picture of how it is made. I have been trying to scan in the wonderful letter that the girls sent us, but have been having problems. It was so cute.

Here is a portion of the front.

Here is the back.

There is sort of a theme running here....I wonder if the girls didn't really know what to say and resorted to Jesus! It was so precsious to get this on Christmas Eve. There were a few coloring pages also. I guess coloring is universal!

I will post again soon. Perhaps pictures of my packing adventure.


Anna vB said...

i love ethopian food, it was no doubt one of the best and funnest thing ever!

have a great trip! he who is faithful will go before you and has already prepared the way home for you and these girls.

Jenn said...

Picture almost made me cry! How beautiful!