Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We are back and the Ethiopian government is closing!

A 10 day wonderful slice of my life dissapeared while in Germany and Italy! We had a glorious time. While I was gone, I tried to leave my musing over the "childeren" at home. However, I took the book "There Is No Me Without You" along. It really is a great read. Easy to read, uplifting, and very heartbreatking. While in Venice we met a family at our hotel who are long term missionaries in Africa. They run an orphanage there. The children are not set for adoption. They live there. While I think what we are doing is a very good thing, I hope that in the future more nationals will adopt from Africa. There are so many orphaned children right now though, that I think whatever can be done should be. It is such a complicated issue.

On the homefront, here is part of an email I recieved from AAI.

"Your Dossier cover document was sent to the State Department and Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C. for Authentication. It typically takes 4 weeks for this document to be returned. Once we have the authenticated document, I will assemble the Dossier and ship to Ethiopia."


Now we are waiting for a referral. That can come from us finding children we want from the waiting children video, or from AAI searching and finding us a match. The video does not show children in exactly the age range we want. Lots are older and younger than we are looking for. Seems like we are talking about it like we are shopping. We aren't. I am pretty sure that we will KNOW when we see them. This whole thing is going to be challenging enough, we don't want to take on more issues than our family can handle.
That is all for now!

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to have you show me the video when we were over there tonight. I still want to see it and I want to read the book you were telling me about. We'll have to try to remember the video soon!

Love ya!
Agent Arlettuce