Friday, June 29, 2007

Tacoma-We Have Contact!

Oh my! I can barely contain myself and really...nothing has happened. Except that our agency has called us and we are setting a date for the homestudy! We should expect our dossier package soon, and we will be really on our way. I was feeling a little lost, but after our conversation, I am walking on cloud nine! Our agent went through how the process will be and I feel a little more settled. If we go at a good clip with our paperwork, I can expect to pick up our girl(s) in early 2008. Ethiopia takes a two month government break for August and September. So, that puts the placement out so far. Over at Owlhaven (see the blog list) you can read about their impeding adoption! Today they found out that their girls are theirs! They can't wait to get them!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

chewing my nails

The wait has begun! AAI has our 2nd packet of paperwork and we will be getting a call soon (I hope) to schedule a homestudy. I am pacing around waiting...waiting...... We also do need to get our Dr. appointments out of the way. That is pretty much the last thing we need to do for this round of paperwork. The really weird thing about this is that you do get to see the breadth of your life, from how your friends think of you to how much you are worth monitarily. I have been blessed as I have read the references that my friends have written. We have also told our families. This was exciting and hard, especially since we have gone through so much with another foster-to-adopt situation. I know they are worried that we aren't hurt again, but have supported us and seem excited/and or excited for us.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Off we go!

Today I sent off the big packet of papers that we got on the 3rd. It took a little longer than I expected. Partly because I didn't want to start the personal bio, and partly because we are so stinkin busy right now with the end of the year festivities and school stuff! I would love to put everything down and do just this for now, but real life means I have to squeeze it in!
This process is so scary and full of unknowns...I think we are just scraping the surface for what is in store. BUT...we have started to pay the big bucks so it feels more real. I will feel like we are on our way once we get an appointment for the homestudy!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ok.........a big fat envelope!

That is what we got yesterday! There are a ton of pages to fill out, personal data sheets for both of us....just sooooo much to do. It is very overwhelming, but I have organized it a little and and we are plowing through them one page at a time!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Why Ethiopian Adoption?

The funny thing is that we have never EVER considered foreign adoption. NEVER. But, as I have been faced with the maturing of Ben and Abel, I have started feeling my mommyness slipping away. In a year, Abel will be in middle school. That is scary to me. I actually get a little flip flop in my stomach when I think about it. I have been feeling like I don't want to be done.
I visit a blog called Owlhaven.
"Mary is wife to John, and mom to 8 great kids ages 2-19, including 2 from Korea & 2 from Ethiopia. We currently are awaiting two more girls from Ethiopia, ages 11 & 9. Yes, that's TEN kids. No, we're not insane. Yet.I spend my days receiving sticky kisses, cooking spicy Korean and Ethiopian food, weeding our mega-garden, arbitrating squabbles over the best spot on the couch, persuading kids that someday they'll need fractions, and marveling at the blessing of our life. Very late at night, I write about it all."
I was intrigued with her life, not only because it is so full, but I saw that they were adopting again, AND I saw pictures! The girls they are adopting are so beautiful and look so full of life...I looked into the Ethiopian adoption and my heart flipped! The agency that we are going through is in Port Angeles, and there are only a few that do Ethiopian adoptions in the nation. The timeline seems shorter than I thought it would be. The cost is large, but with Russell puts 8,000 dollars towards adoption, and of course there is a great tax write off, so it just might be something we can pull off. There is a great blog about adoption, and if you want to read and understand more, please visit it! Do a search about Ethiopia and it's history, it is quite interesting!

What do the boys think?

When Tom and I approached Ben and Abel about this, I was expecting the reaction we got. Ben is full on board, thinks is will be an adventure, and is ready for it. Abel, on the other hand, is a little nervous. And with good reason. The reality is, is that our lives will completely change. Abel will no longer be the "baby" of the family, which we all enjoy! His life will probably change the most. So, we do have to really listen and help him process this possibility. It is scary for all of us, but probably for different reasons. I think that baby steps will help!

What We Know

We know that they have our paperwork. I got an email asking what training video we wanted since I forgot to pick one. That means they have our paperwork! Just waiting for the next step!