Friday, June 29, 2007

Tacoma-We Have Contact!

Oh my! I can barely contain myself and really...nothing has happened. Except that our agency has called us and we are setting a date for the homestudy! We should expect our dossier package soon, and we will be really on our way. I was feeling a little lost, but after our conversation, I am walking on cloud nine! Our agent went through how the process will be and I feel a little more settled. If we go at a good clip with our paperwork, I can expect to pick up our girl(s) in early 2008. Ethiopia takes a two month government break for August and September. So, that puts the placement out so far. Over at Owlhaven (see the blog list) you can read about their impeding adoption! Today they found out that their girls are theirs! They can't wait to get them!

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