Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Genet and Bizayehu celebrated Thanksgiving!

In Africa, one of the adoptive parents, along with several others put together a special treat for the caregivers and children at Layla House. What an incredible thing to do. Thank you for making a memory for our children!

They loaded 259 people onto 2 buses and traveled to the Sheraton. Here is a snipet of the evening.

"We had the foreign adults sitting with the KG kids, other kids sitting with each other and staff sitting together. We had different groups at the buffet at the same time so that the little ones would be helped. Sometimes that worked fine, sometimes not. We had one little guy at my table who came back with 5 kinds of cakes and nothing else, so Randi went back and got him a proper dinner! Some of the kids went back many times, some ate too many sweets or drank too much pop, but they had a good time!

Circus Ethiopia performed throughout the dinner and the kids and many of the staff were mesmerized. That was a great thing too have, though the music was too loud.
It was a great evening."

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