Friday, December 07, 2007

Another peek into their lives

Here is a note that an adoptive family wrote after getting their children from Ethiopia just a week ago.

"Deb, I'm just back from Ethiopia. Bizayehu and Genet are doing just fine. Genet did seem a little sad, or maybe just quiet the day that I delivered her letter, but every day after that she seemed very, very happy! She recognized me right away and was very happy to see me. I spent more time with Bizayehu as she is at Layla. They are just darling. I'll get the pictures up on Snapfish ASAP. Ciao, Randi."

It is so cool to hear about them. I still can't get out of my mind how they must be feeling. I don't know how their father is doing. I don't know if I will be able to take the girls to see him before they leave.

On a sad note, my aunt passed away today. We are heart-broken. She had brain and stomach cancer. It was very serious, but I was not prepared for this timing. I was so hoping that she could meet the girls. She was so excited for us. I was able to read her most of our blog one evening, and even showed her the picture of the girls as they received their welcome bags.
Our hearts go out to you Uncle Tom....

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