Friday, December 21, 2007

Now We Are 6!

We passed court today! The girls are legally ours! We now await an embassy date. That date is where we will get the visas for the girls' to come to the US. I will travel around that date. I think that it should be 3-4 weeks out, but I'm not sure with the holidays coming up. It could be later in January. We have gone through the last hurdle! We cannot believe that we are almost done!
Thank you for all your prayers and encouraging words...I am sure we will need more when the girls get here!

Now that the girls are legally ours, we can post pictures of them on the internet! Here are a few!
We have other pictures, but because they include other children, we cannot put them up on the internet. That's why there isn't another of Genet. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Deb and Tom!!

I am so happy for you and the whole family.



Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! Merry Christmas!

Mike Valentine

Anonymous said...

YEAH...We are so excited for you!! The Walle Family

Anna vB said...

CONGRATS! the girls are beautiful! i'm sure the last few days/weeks will feel like the longest wait ever...
merry xmas from belgium.
can't wait to come meet them.

Anonymous said...

Holy schmoly, huh, Deb?! This is so exciting, wild, crazy...and they aren't even here yet. :-) I am so excited for you guys and can hardly wait to meet the girls and make them a part of all our lives. We love you, Llews!

Arleta & Ryan