Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A study of our home

That is what happened on Saturday. We had our homestudy. Susan from AAI came to talk to our family about adoption. She also chatted with us about our lives, our dreams, and why we are wanting to adopt from Ethiopia. She also talked with each of the boys about what they were feeling. It was exciting to hear Ben say he was up for the task, and comforting to hear that Abel was nervous. The funny thing is, is that both Tom and I feel both of those things. We are nervous and up for the task! After this meeting we feel so much more connected with AAI and we also feel like it is for real now. Susan is very smart and intuitive. She has been to Ethiopia several times escorting children home. She has been to Layla house and knows some of the children. I am so happy that the person doing our homestudy is part of our agency. She stayed for dinner, and I think she got a good feel for who we are. We watched an informative video about the identity issues of children who are adopted. Tom and I have had quite a few little talks about this since our meeting. It will be a challenge, but not something we can't do, but something we will have to be deliberate in dealing with. Susan also toured our house...we joked that she HAD to go through it because we cleaned and organized for it! We both think that the homestudy went well.

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