Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Counting the cost

I bought the tickets!

I will be leaving Seattle Jan 19th at 11:05P

arrive in Dulles at 6:48A Jan 20th

leave Dulles at 9:30A

arrive in Addis at 8:35A Jan 21st

I will be coming home Jan 25th leaving Addis at 10:15P with two girls


arrive at Dulles at 7:50A Jan 26th

leave Dulles for Seattle at 12:55 P

arrive Seattle at 3:45 p

If you look closely and do the math...you will see that I am going to be wasted...I am a little nervous about the almost 5 hour layover in Dulles. What am I going to do for 5 hours?????

cost for 2 visas~700.00

cost for week stay in Addis inclusive ~1500.00

cost for airfaire to Addis and back for me-1878.30

cost for airfare for Genet and Bizayehu to come home-2223.40

two little girls leaving Africa and coming to America where the only thing that these countries have in common is that they both start with an 'A'.--priceless

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Jeremy and Cassie said...

That is a priceless post! I didn't see it until today! Those girls were expensive but so worth it! Seeing them on Saturday I already felt like I knew them from all the pics and posts that you put up! I cannot wait to get to know them and watch them grow into beautiful young women of God!!.... on a fun note GOOD LUCK with their hair! POOF!!