Thursday, January 17, 2008

Packing for us

Well...I am nearly packed. I have a few clothes in the dryer that I want to bring, some letters to include, but I think I am near done. Here is a pick of everything I am bringing.
This includes:
Roll on
1 set of clothes for each person (in case luggage gets lost)
1 set of Jammies
1 jacket for each person
1 set of medications ie, antacids, ibuprofren, etc.
1 set of toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, nail clippers, bandaids, antibiotic ointment , shampoos for the girls, hand santizer,
4 pairs of croc style shoes--don't know their size
1 complete set of copied paperwork--just in case
10 or more wrapped gifts that will be given to the girls on the way back
stickers, beads, candy toys, coloring books, crayone
Several small garbage bags and ziplocs for whatever..garbage etc.
Checked Luggage
18 gallone tote: see below
Plus a large ziploc full of letters to be delivered to children and workers at Layla
Large luggage
6 sets of clothes for each person, including undies, socks
Swim suits for each...extra because I don't know the sizes for sure.
Hair dryer
comb, brush
complete set of medications (see above)
complete set of toiletries (see above)
Lice treatment ( although clean--they do live in an orphanage)
Adapters and converters
alarm clock
comfort food
mac and cheese
trail mix
pnut butter
top ramen
Girls' Back Packs
I will give them their backpacks when I see them.
lip gloss
writing board
My Purse/Backpack
3 books
several magazines
lip stuff
hand sanitizer
some meds

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