Monday, January 21, 2008

Deb has landed and met the girls

This post is from Tom, Deb's husband. I just hung up the phone after a call with Deb. Her flight was very long and she sounds both physically and emotionally exhausted.

But...she met the girls and had them with her right then. She says they are very beautiful.

Heck, I'll just shut up and paste in the email she sent to me and our boys:

I am here! All is well, and I have the girls! They say hello! they look very cute in their new clothes...they are very cute. They are also very quiet. We go for a medical visa apt tomorrow and then probably to the Hilton for some swimming.

After a very long flight, I am feeling pretty good. I slept a lot due to Tylenol PM. I was very nervous, and still am. I wish you were all here. It would be a lot easier.

The sights here are incredible..extreme poverty right next door to grandeur. There is a lot of construction going on, and they do it mostly by hand, and with wood poles. I will try and take alot of photos...I can't even tell you how awesome and sad this is at the same time.
I am slightly terrified, but I will keep it together!

Please pray for Deb and our daughters! The girls are very shy so far--who can blame them? Pray that, in spite of their language barrier and their fear, they somehow connect deeply. I think this is harder for Deb than she imagined. Please keep her in your prayers.



The Eyes said...

You betcha - it reminds me of the invitation Christ gives to us to be His sons and daughters - in a way, we don't really know Him yet, we just know He is good to us and will keep showing us His love for eternity.

We're excited with you, tim and abby

Jeremy and Cassie said...

We are praying and can only imagine how hard it is for Auntie Deb to be over there without you (Uncle Tom and the boys) for support but the more amazing part is God is there to support and He is amazing and when you all look back on this in a few years this will all be a story that will be apart of the girls coming home! We are so excited! love you guys! Can't wait to meet our new cousins!
jermz & cas

Psyche said...

Great work.